Our Management Team

Bhavin Turakhia
Founder, BigRock.com

Bhavin brings over 12 years of technology experience and over 9 years of Market knowledge, having founded The Directi Group - a Web Services Company serving a growing audience of customers in over 230 countries. Bhavin is chiefly responsible for the entire Vision, Strategy, and Service Offerings of BigRock. He brings in a deep understanding of the entire industry, a strong technical background, keen business sense, and most importantly, an unquenchable ambition for growth.

Bhavin has also chaired the Global ICANN Accredited Registrars Constituency, served as technical advisor to the Indian CyberCrime Investigation Cell, and won the Bharti Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Shashank Mehrotra
General Manager & Business Head, BigRock.com

Shashank heads Marketing, Sales, and Strategic Partnerships at BigRock . With an MBA from INSEAD, an MS degree in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech, and over 10 years of experience managing projects and launching products within the high-tech sector, Shashank is the driving force behind the day-to-day business at BigRock. Prior to BigRock, he worked for many years in the Satellite Telecommunications arena with Hughes Network Systems in Washington D.C.

In his spare-time, Shashank can be found devouring the latest William Dalrymple novel or firing up his miniature charcoal Weber grill in his Mumbai apartment.

Ninad Raval
Director, Product Design

Ninad is a self-taught, sleeves-rolled-up practitioner of Usability and User-Interface Design. He is responsible for User Experience (UX) strategy for all of BigRock's products. Ninad has immense experience in the industry, having been part of the team that launched BigRock's technology platform 6 years ago. With his keen business sense and passion for creating simple and enjoyable products, Ninad is able to bridge the gap between business needs and user experiences, thereby adding significant brand value.

During his free time, Ninad enjoys riding his bike and decorating his new house. He can also be found evangelizing good design practices and product usability around the workplace.

Manisha Mani
Senior Manager, Customer Care

Manisha heads the technical support and customer service initiatives at Bigrock, and epitomizes the term 'hands-on manager'. With over 7 years of experience in the web services industry, she has her finger on the pulse of millions of customers worldwide, and is responsible for ensuring that our customers derive the best from our products and services. Over the course of her career, she has also managed diverse roles such as compliance, cyber security and risk assessment, and continues to oversee these operations.

When not busy at work, Manisha is quite the cinema buff and enjoys all kinds of movies. Besides, having recently rediscovered the pleasures of driving, Manisha spends as much of her spare time as possible cruising around town and often is the designated driver after parties :)

Nishank Gopalkrishnan
Senior Manager, Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing

Nishank heads the Strategic Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing activities at BigRock. He has been instrumental in closing deals with large partners in the Local Search Engines, Computer Hardware and ISP/Telco space. He is the driving force behind the BigRock Affiliate program and it has been his single minded aim to attract quality partners on our platform . He also plays a key role in ideating & building the strategic plan for BigRock to achieve its mission of being the No. 1 web presence provider in the country.

In addition to a computer engineering degree from Mumbai University, he holds a dual major in Marketing and Analytical Finance from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. An avid sportsperson and voracious reader he counts "Fountainhead" and Lance Armstrong's autobiography amongst his favorite books.

Praveen Shetty
Senior Manager, Sales Operation

Praveen heads the Sales Operations at BigRock. He comes with 15+ years of rich experience in Sales, Technical Support, Operations Management, Customer Service and Service Delivery. As a "Start-Up Specialist" Praveen also comes with experience in Program and Technology Management which gives great impetus to setting up and managing the Sales Operations at BigRock. His excellent leadership qualities & ability to build and motivate large teams are critical in delivering great customer experience at BigRock.

During his free time, Praveen enjoys playing cricket or would be on long drives in the outskirts of the city. He is a foodie and can be found exploring the known food joints in the city.

Praveen Umanath
Product Manager, BigRock

Praveen heads Product Management and the Website Platform at BigRock. A geek at heart, he has extensive experience in the Web space, having worked as a Web Developer and Project Manager for over 4 years. He has been instrumental in the addition of a comprehensive suite of Hosting products to BigRock. With the help of his awesome Website team, Praveen ensures that the BigRock website is blazing fast and easy to use. His international experience, coupled with a passion for technology makes him a huge asset at BigRock.

In addition to a B.S. in Computer Science from Iowa State University, Praveen also has an MBA from the Indian School of Business. A bit of a Tennis fanatic, Praveen can be found roaming the tennis courts of Mumbai looking for a game.