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Why choose .COM?
  • .COM is universally the most recognized domain name extension
  • .COM is relevant to individuals, businesses and organizations
  • .COM appeals to today's socially - networked individuals and entrepreneurs
About .COM
.COM is by far the most popular and successful TLD on the internet today.
.COM is operated along with .NET by VeriSign. The name '.COM' is derived from the word “commercial” as it's original purpose was to be used by commercial organizations only. However, .COM has become extremely popular and is used by all kinds of websites today. The transfer process for a .COM domain is extremely simple and involves the losing registrar to provide an authorization code on instruction from the Registrant (also known as EPP code). This was introduced by VeriSign, the .COM Registrar to reduce the incidence of domain hijacking.

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.COM Domain Registration – Ideal for all Commercial Entities

When it comes to getting a website up and running, the selection of the Top Level Domain is always a critical decision. While you can choose from various other TLDs it would be safe to say that the most preferred Top Level Domain continues to be .com.

Used by all commercial entities, a .com domain gives your website a global appeal and makes it easier for people from different parts of the world to find you in the ever-widening World Wide Web. This is the reason every organization with global clientele chooses .com domain over the rest.

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